Real Characters of Ye Mothers

                                         Shanti Ghosh (1916-1989)
Tanya Banerji Played as
Shanti Ghosh
Original Image of Shanti 
Shanti Ghosh was born in Kolkatta on 22 November 1916, her father Debendranath Ghosh, who originally came from Barisal district, was a Professor in Comilla College. Soon one day came to her the great call to dedicate her young life at the altar of the motherland. And unhesitatingly, smilingly and bravely she respond to it. On 14th December 1931 , she along with classmate Suniti shot-dead Stevens the District Magistrate of Comilla. This heroic action of the two young girls thrilled the country from one end to the other. Under the gaze of wonder, admiration and affection of millions of her countrymen, Shanti along with Suniti went behind the prison bars with a sentence of Life-transportation bidding adieu to a life of ease, comfort and worldly success that could have been hers for the mere asking. In prison Shanti was separated from her comrade Suniti and kept solitary confinement. For some time, it was too much for an exuberant girl of fifteen. In 1937 , along with many political prisoners, she got an eary release. After release she resumed her studies and in 1942 married to Chittaranjan Das, an Ex-revolutionary worker of ChittagongShe was a member of the West Bengal Legislative Council and of the Legislative Assembly for a long period (1952-1968). Her autobiographical book “ARUNBANHI” won great appreciation from many. She died on 28th March 1989 her only successor grandson CHANDER DAS (working in Vodafone at Kolkatta) & Daughter in Law  now living in Kolkatta……..
                                           Suniti Chaudhary (1917-1994)
Original Image of
Suniti Chaudhary
Shreya Chaudhary played
as Suniti Chaudhary
Suniti Chaudhary, destined to play an extraordinary role in the freedom-struggle, she was born on 22nd May, 1917, in Ibrahimpur village of Tripura district, in East Bengal, in an ordinary Hindu middle-class family. One day (on 14th December 1931) she along with her classmate Shanti Ghose approached the District Magistrate of Comilla, Mr. CGB Stevens, in his bungalow with a petition for permission for a swimming club. When face to face with him, they fired at the Magistrate.  The first bullet from Suniti’s revolver shot him dead. In the midst of panic and confusion that followed, the two girls were apprehended and mercilessly beaten. Their unusual claim, serenity and cheerfulness seen all through their under trial days in the prison and in the court, struck one and all with wonder. All the time they sang and laughed. They expected to die martyr’s death. But in view of their tender age (only 14) they were given the sentence of life-imprisonment. Though a bit disappointed, they took the judgment cheerfully and bravely and entered the portals of the prision house, singing aloud Poet Nazural’s famous song – “ OH BREAK DOWN THOSE IRON BARS! BURN AWAY ALL THESE PRISION HOUSES!” After seven years, she got an early release with undaunted spirit. She again faced life full of struggle awaiting her in outside world. She resumed her studies and took the M.B.B.S. degree. In 1947 she married Pradyot Kumar Ghose. With an only daughter she died in 1994. Her heart was always bleeds at the sufferings of millions of her dear countrymen, and ill-at-ease for not being able to do all that she wants to do for them……..
                                      C.G.B.Stevens (1892-1931)
Original Image of
CGB Stevens 
Rajesh Jais played 
as CGB Stevens
Stevens was born in December 1880,originally belong to London. He was a I.C.S.of 1913 batch from Maidat Tiagle School. He arrived in India on December, 18 1914.He joined as Distt Magistrate & Collector of Tiepera which was the distt of Comilla, on 6th March 1930. Before joining Tiepera he was the special commissioner of finance at Dhaka. On 14th December 1931 he was shoot dead by Shanti Ghosh & Suniti Chaudhary. He was going to transfer from Comilla in January 1932 as a Commissioner of Excise. A FIR was lodged u/s 302,324,307/109 I.P.C. and u/s 19(f) of Indian Arms Act was registered in Police Station Kotwali (Comilla). One 320 nicked-coated bullet was, on post Morton examination, extracted from the body of Mr. Stevens Two bullet .450 bore and one .320 bore were found on the floor of the room after occurrence In the course of Investigation 41 other persons were arrested but because lack of evidence only Shanti Ghosh D/o Debendernath Ghose & Suniti Chaudhary D/o Umacharan were convicted by Kolkatta High Court in January 1932. The other accused were detained under Bengal Criminal Law (Amended) Act.
                                            Subhash Chandra Bose (1897-1945)
Tirthoshankoo Majumdar
played as Subhash Bose
Original Image of 
Subhash Chandra Bose
In May 1931 Subhash Chandra Bose attended "Tipera Student Conference" as its chief guest. While he meet the girl students at the end of the conference Prafulla Brahma asked his opinion about women's involvement in direct revolutionary action. In reply he said "I will be pleased to see you peoples in front rank" being requested by Shanti Ghosh to give his autograph, Subhash Chandra Bose wrote " To preserve your, honour, take up arms yourselves, YE MOTHERS"

Prafulla Nalini Brahma (1914-1937)
Original Image of
Prafulla Nalini Brahma
Mahua Haldar played as
Prafulla Nalini Brahma
Prafulla nalini brahma was born in 1914 at a village of comilla her father was a mukhtiar. She was one class senior of Shanti & Suniti at Faizunissa Girls SChool, Comilla. Prafulla was the first girl to be recruited for Jugantar group of comilla. After a lengthy discussion with Akhil Nandi an important leader of Jugantar group of comilla, she convince the latter of her willingness and ability to do revolutionary work and was recruited to the jugantar group. The first task assigned to her was to organize the women's wing of the revolutionary group in the district. Prafulla immediately proved her competence by recruiting Shanti Ghosh & Suniti Chaudhary, her junior schoolmates to the revolutionary group. Then to expand the women's wing of the Jugantar group of comilla, Tripura District Women Students Organiation was formed with Prafulla as President and Shanti as a Secretary. She was arrested on 15 December in CGB Stevens murder case. On 17 April 1936 Prafulla was released from Hijli jail and interned in her own house at comilla. In internment she became a victim of appendicitis. According to rules an internee could consult a doctor only after securing the permission of the local police officer (S.D.O.). This system was inconvenient for a patient, as the officer was not always easily available. This actually happened in Prafulla's case. By the time her father could bring a doctor with the permission of the SDO, Prafulla had expired on 22 February 1937.
                                             Debendranath Ghose
Original Image of
Prof. Debendranath Ghose
Anil Kumar Chaudhary played
as Prof. Debendranath Ghose
Debendranath Ghose who originally belong tp Barisal district was a professor of Philosophy at Comilla college. His patriotic fervor influenced Shanti in her very early age. He used to take Shanti to all  the public meetings. Once in 1926 Sarojini Naidu came to comilla to attend a public meeting, Shanti was present there along her father and sang the opening song. After coming back home debenderanah inspired her daughter to follow the footstep of Sarojini Naidu.

Umacharan Chaudhary
Original Image of
Umahacharan Chaudhary
Amit Banerji played as
Umacharan Chaudhary
Umacharan Chaudhary was father of Suniti Chaudhary and Sishir Chaudhary. He belong to a ordinary hindu middle class family of  ibrahimpur village of Tripura district in East Bengal. He was a government officer in collector office.

Suransundari Chaudhary
Suchsmita played as
Surasundari Chaudhary

Suransundari w/o Umacharan Chaudhary, mother of Suniti Chaudhary and Sishir chaudhary was a quiet pious lady who left a deep sustaining influence of the storming career of Suiniti Chaudhary and Sishir Chaudhary.

                                      Silabala Ghosh
Ispita Majumdar played
as Sailabala Ghosh

Silabala Ghosh W/o Prof Debendranath Ghosh, mother of Shanti Ghosh. She also inspired Shanti to love the motherland. When Shanti was in prison she wrote to her " Darling the god of Prahlad has put on shackles on your tender young hands and it is he who will protect you and return you back to my bosom.


Ranjan played as
Biren Bhattacharjee
Biren Bhattacharjee (1905-1994)
Biren Bhattacharjee S/o Mahesh Chand born in 1905 at Natai of Brahamanbaria. He studies at Comilla college and deeply involved in the revolutionary activities. He was a good arms trainer. He alongwith his associates Barinder Ghosh, Subodh Ray, Chandre D. Sarkar, Akhil Nandi & Sushil Beman planned to assassinate high officials of comilla, but Sushil Burman with 3-4 other followers opposed this suggestion saying that govtt would take daring action and smash up the whole activities. Biren Bhattacharjee & Akhil Nandi disagreed and expressed their determination to commit murder inspite of what other held. After 3 days Biren, Birender Ghosh, Subodh Ray & Chandra D Sarkar went to comilla and joined up Akhil Nandi they had fire arms. Binay Nandi also joined them and planned to assassinate Suprintendent Police, Distt Inteligence Officer & District Magistrate at a time. Whole plan of Steven murder made by Biren. There was a motor car in readiness near guru training school in which the girls are to escape after the crime. He also supplied the revolvers to the girls. On 11 Dec 1931 before the day of murder police raided hideout at comilla and arrest Subodh Ray, Birender Ghosh, Bhupendra Saha but he managed to flee. On 3 march 1932 he arrested in Bengal Criminal (Amended ) Act. He was released on 26 July 1932 from Behrampore Jail.

Nachiket Chandra played
as Akhil Chandra Nandi
Akhil Chandra Nandi (1905-1970)
Akhil Nandi S/o Prakash was born in Sarail of Tripura district. His father was a mukhtiar at comilla court. He was deeply involved in revolutionary activities at comilla. At first he was the member of Kalyan Sangh but later alongwith Biren Bhattacharjee, Subodh Rey, Satish Chandra of Kalichaka, Satish REy form Jugantar group at Comilla. He insisted Prafulla to prepare more girls to Jugantar after prafulla inspiration Shanti, SUniti, Parul joined the Jugantar group.He and Biren Bhattacharjee planned CGB Steven Murder. The object sending two girls for murder of Steven was to set up an Indian record of female heroism to emanate that of some Russian girls in the time of war. On 21 March 1932 he was arrested under Bengal Criminal Amended Act 1931. He was released in 1937 from Behrampore jail later he became M.P. from CPM West Bengal.

                                           Sishir Kumar Chaudhary (1907-1946)
Original Image of
Sishir Kumar Chaudhary
Siddharth Chauhan playe as
Sishir Kumar Chaudhary

Sishir kumar Chaudhary was born in March 1907 in Ibrahimpur village of Tripura district in East Bengal. His father Umacharan Chaudhary was a govtt servent. When he was a student in Comilla college he joined Jugantar group and involve in the vortex of the revolutionary movement. He influence Suniti to became a revolutionary. On 16 Dec 1931 he arrested in Stevens murder case but for lack of evidence he got bail. He again arrested on 23 March 1932 under Bengal Criminal Law Act. He was in Hijli detention camp and Behrampore jail. He released on 4 August 1937.

Souravh played as
Satish Rey
Satish Rey

Satish Ray accompanied the two girls in a hackney carriage part of the way to collector house. He was absconding in Steven Murder case.

Amit Das played as
Subodh Ray
Subodh Ray

Subodh Ray was the close associate of Akhil Chandra Nandi and Biren Bhatacharjee. He was close member of Kalya Sangh but later he joined Jugantar group. He never arrested in Stevens Murder case. Later he planned and murdered the successor District Magistrate of Comilla in 1932.

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